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Sports Performance

Sports Performance Training. Adult Fitness Classes


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Adult Group Training

Small group training sessions designed to create a positive atmosphere for everyone to push themselves and each other to achieve their goals. The training session will have a program designed and implemented by a coach. You can expect to be coached throughout the entire session from warm up to cool down. An emphasis on proper technique and accountability to make sure you are achieving your desired goals. These sessions will have no more than 8 people in them. Grab a friend and start or continue your fitness journey with us. 


Youth and High School Training

These training packages will be like no other! We want to offer our athletes a full collegiate experience in a small group training environment. If your goal is to play at the next level, understand that YOUR GOAL IS OUR GOAL! We will implement long-term and short-term training options for our athletes, and will do everything we can to prepare you physically and mentally to perform at your true potential. We understand when sports are in session that times can vary, so you can pick days to come train based off of our packages offered. Our ultimate packages will include 12 weeks of training with 3 days of strength and power training and 2 days of speed and agility training on our turf field. These sessions will be offered as a package throughout various times of the year in accordance with sports seasons to prepare you for your upcoming season.

Senior Physiotherapy

Specialty Classes

These classes are designed to focus on specific qualities that people need to improve on. It can be basic mobility exercises, core strengthening, or posture restoration. Whatever your specific need may be, a program will be designed for you. This class is also designed to bridge the gap between rehab and everyday lifestyle or sports performance. Once your physical therapy is complete with Genesis, allow us to guide you in the proper strength training to make sure you have full capabilities of the injured area, and reduce your risk of reoccurring injury.

Faith and Fitness

Grow your faith and lose the weight!

Each class is designed to not only better the body physically but also spiritually

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