Types of Massages
  • Swedish: Swedish massage is a gentle massage using long, flowing strokes, kneading, tapping, and/or circular motions. It is ideal for relaxation and minor pain management.


  • Deep Tissue: Deep Tissue massage consists of slower strokes and deeper pressure than a Swedish massage. The firmer pressure helps to relieve tension in the deepest layers of muscle and connective tissues making it ideal for chronic muscle problems and pain.


  • Neuromuscular (NMT): NMT massage is a treatment session more focused on an area of discomfort or stress in the body using precise manual techniques to relax and lengthen targeted muscles. It is ideal for working out those “knots”, referred pain from trigger points, and pain management.


  • Prenatal: Prenatal massage uses mild pressure similar to a Swedish massage. It is safe for women only after the 1st trimester with physicians approval. A massage focused on the lower back, hips and legs that can help reduce pregnancy body aches, muscle tension and reduce stress.


  • Hot Towel Therapy: Hot towels added as an option to complement your massage session. This can help further soften tissues, ease soreness, promote relaxation and improve circulation.