Sports Performance

Genesis Physical Therapy has partnered with Ernest Harvey, Jr (Turk) and Camp Moula to provide Sports Performance Training like this area has never seen! Our programs include Physical Therapy assessments of each athlete, including Functional Movement Screening, as well as strength and flexibility testing to identify muscular imbalances that may lead to increased risk for injury if not addressed. Athletes will undergo speed and agility training led by Turk, and strengthening, plyometric, flexibility, and sport specific training led by Kimberly Robichaux, PT, DPT, CSCS, CRGA, Cert-CMFA

To sign up, you can follow these steps:

1) Quick on the "Request Appointment" link below.

2) Select Kimberly Robichaux as your clinician

3) Select the appropriate camp you would like to sign up for (June/July Youth/High School)

4) Click "select" for the location that is already listed

5) For the June camp, change the month to May; for the July camp, change the month to July.

6) Select the next available time. The time listed DOES NOT matter at all. It is simply to reserve your spot in the camp. 

7) Click on signing up "someone else" to register your child.

8) Fill out and submit the required information.

9) Once we process your request, you will receive an email from Genesis Physical Therapy with the needed paperwork.

10) You will also be able to pay online.